Posted on Apr 23, 2009 in Inspiration

Amazing 360 degrees videos. Click and drag with your mouse in the movie to look at all directions.

via beamlog made by yellowBird

*update: and here the newest version at Sensation Amsterdam 3rd of july 2010:


  1. 6-30-2009

    I’ve seen 3-D pictures that you can self-manipulate like this, but never a video!! This is fantastic!! Really do love this!

  2. 7-17-2009

    where was this shot? its awesome.

  3. 7-19-2009

    Shot at Mystery land, a festival in Haarlemmermeer, Hoofddorp, Netherlands. 2009

  4. 2-26-2010

    This is awesome man!

  5. 2-27-2010

    this is amazing, towards the end my stoner senses were kicking in and low and behold i found a couple people smoking a joint lol.

  6. 5-8-2010

    i know this song, and i love it!

    ive seen another video like this too, its a stationary camera set inside a stadium in texas…. and they blew up the stadium with this camera in the center of it

  7. 5-12-2010

    Vay ecnebiye bak a.q neler neler yapmışlar.hatunlar bana filan bakıyo garip oldum. kalktı

  8. 5-13-2010

    What is the name of that awesome song?

  9. 7-28-2010

    Very cool! I’ve never seen this kind of thing before.

  10. 7-30-2010

    Unbelievable. Who saw the pole dancer!?!? She’s brave…and Arno, PLeeeeeAASE email me this track!

  11. 7-30-2010

    On my iPhone there is an app called shazam. I played the song from the website and it was recogniced as: Pjanoo by Eric Prydz on the album F*** me I’m famous! International Vol.2

    And it is indeed that song!

  12. 8-5-2010

    Wow.. the best part about this is everyone leaves with a different experience. No longer will people discuss the same events, some people will see things others had not.

  13. 8-27-2010

    Please, what’s the name of this song? Email me at


  14. 8-29-2010

    The name of the song is in the comments 🙂

  15. 9-19-2010

    People, thanks for all the positive comments on our tech. You guys should check out out latest accomplishments as well. Among others:

  16. 3-8-2012

    Really guys? Its stop motion video shot with the same 360° camera that they do the photos with.


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