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Sound design

Sound design is a conceptually creative/technical field. It covers all non-compositional elements of a film, a play, a music performance or recording, computer game software or any other multimedia project

Piano studio recording for an improvisation trio with harp and drums [Wish I were a plug, Amsterdam, 2009]. Improvised trashjazz:
[flv width=”750″ height=”20″][/flv]

Chinese educational audio CD introduction music [Chinees cursus voor beginners, Amsterdam, 2009]. Chinese-Western downtempo combination:
[flv width=”750″ height=”20″] take 3 worldbeat.mp3[/flv]

Electronic music for the modern ballet multimedia performance [Onthaasting ritueel, Delft, 1998]. A mixture of techno and tribal ambient:
[flv width=”750″ height=”20″] Contrast.mp3[/flv]

This is an overview of audio productions done for ballet, studio recording, educational CD.

More examples of my work in sound can be found here:

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