Posted on Jul 27, 2009 in 3D visual design, Assignments, portfolio

3D image cloud gallery

A very nice way to show images in a 3D interactive environment.

You can do it yourself for free at:


  1. 6-10-2010

    Hi Arno,
    I’m very impressed by your 3D image cloud gallery and like to use it on a website. I already downloaded the original data from Roy Tanck’s website, but I don’t understand how to replace the tags with images.
    I would really appreciate if you could give me a hint how to get images into the xml. I already tried an -tag but it didn’t work.


  2. 6-10-2010

    Hello Arne,

    You need a free Flickr account here:

    place all the images there.

    Then get the rss feed url.

    Paste it here:
    Then copy the code and place it in your webpage.



  3. 8-15-2013

    Is there a way to link the click on an image to another destination rather than to the image on Flickr ? I mean the images will still be fetched from the Flickr RSS feed however, clicking an image will be directed to a dedicated URL…


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