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LED wall with 3D effects to promote the 3D mobile phone experience.

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  1. 7-28-2011

    Dear Manufacturer:led wall we need in saudi arabia.

    SUBJECT: Virtual Promoter, 3D Holographic Projection and Multi-Touch Screen Products.

    We are thankful for the product information on your website. We have our past good experience in Saudi Arabia related to media and advertising fields. We got another opportunity to launch new media & advertising company agency soon with new ideas and products for media and advertising sectors. We are trying the best strategy for business to divide demand into manageable market niches.

    We are now taking new steps forward in Saudi Arabia as Partnership/ Dealership/ Reseller/ Exclusive agents for media and advertising products manufacturers worldwide with good past experience, technology and name in this industry. Kindly provide to us further information for your products (Virtual Promoter and 3D Holographic Projection and Multi-Touch Screen Technology) details with prices so we work together for mutual business benefits in middles east region.

    We look forward to your reply.


    Mr.Dillawar Abbas
    MBA-BBA-MIS-IT-(Market & Media)
    Director for Marketing Consultant
    Mobile No: +966-500010349)
    Media & Advertising Co. (MAC)
    P.O.Box: 301085
    11372, Riyadh
    kingdome of saudi arabia

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