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How to use the leap motion with Prezi

Do you want to give presentation minority report style? Now it is possible and not expensive also. The technology is rather new and it needs some tweaking. But the result is great for you and for your audience.

If you already have installed Leap Motion, start Touchless for windows or mac and click on this link to interact immediately:
If you new to this, here is how to do it:

  1. Buy the leap motion for € 94.98 and install it. Open the Leap motion app store and install Touchless for windows or mac
  2. Get a Prezi account
  3. Make a Prezi presentation
  4. Now comes the more challenging part. As their is no app to work with Prezi yet. You have to tweak things to make it work. Here is how:
  5. Download the zipfile you find here.
  6. Unzip it and upload it to your web space or place it somewhere on your computer.
  7. Go to the presentation link of your Prezi. Or use the example here for now:
  8. Copy the ID of the prezi. In the example above it is ms07zoaq1h-w
  9. Go back to the content of your zipfile. You see a file called index.html. Type in the path of the location of this file. But add this after it:


Where ms07zoaq1h-w is the ID code of your Prezi.

    You can try the Prezi with the leap motion by using the example link:

Have fun and engage your audience with this futuristic, innovative way of presenting. Like in Minority report, but without the gloves.



Here is the prezi without the use of the Leap motion. Use the arrows to go back and forth.

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